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Why Should Drugs Be Legalizesd

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Unit 5 Assignment 1 RN1320 Why Should Drugs Be Legal? Should drugs be legalized? Drugs are resources that are capable of affecting the American economy in many ways--both positively and negatively. Drugs often have a bad name even though they help us every day in medical cases. And the drugs with the worst reputations are not the most abused drugs one may benefit from the legalization of drugs in many ways, while others would suffer greatly. Almost every person in the United States has their own opinion on drug legalization. There are many different pros and cons to the legalization of drugs. Drug legalization is also an ethical and a moral issue. Should drugs be legalized or not? While I think drugs should be legalized, many others disagree. The first major benefit that will come from the legalization of drugs will be the increase in jobs. Creation of new jobs will take place in the manufacturing industry, sales industry, and marketing industry, due to the increased demand for drugs. The manufacturing industry will experience a boost because some drugs will need to be mixed with other substances to become other drugs, such as crack cocaine. The sale industry will expand from the legalization of drugs because the drugs will not sale themselves. A new form of entrepreneurship will be available for many individuals to take part in. Marketing jobs will increase simply because every new drug product will need to be marketed. In addition, there will be a variety of legalized drugs. Higher demand for needles and the production of needles will increase. People control drugs; Society has proven this with 18th Amendment, where one of the most commonly abused drugs, alcohol, was banned in the 1920's. The ban was later repealed in the 1930's. During the ban, alcoholism went down but it…...

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