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Woman Grinding Maize

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Crystal Huizar
Hum 123 SA9- Paper #1
Woman Grinding Maize – Diego Rivera One of my favorite art works is La Molendera, or The Woman Grinding Maize, by Diego Rivera. The medium of this painting is oil paint on a horizontal canvas that measures 106.7 x 121.9 cm. When I first see this painting, the woman dressed in white with her hair split in two braids, grinding maize on a stone, is what stands out to me the most. It is traditional for women in Mexico that make tortillas to grind the maize, corn, on a rock. In the background I see three already made tortillas baking on top of a ceramic dish. The colors used in the atmosphere are cool toned, which gives you a sense of calm and a soothing sensation. The main colors used here are blue, gray and brown; the only white that was used was for the woman in the picture. I think the reason why Rivera used white for the woman’s dress was to draw attention directly to her and the work she is doing. There is a lot of roundness in the painting. For example, the skillet where the tortillas are heating is round, the stone grinder is oval, and the woman’s arms and body are also round. Overall, Rivera synchronized all the objects in this painting to the same size, everything is painted is bold and big. He had a great sense of color and an enormous talent for structuring his work. Diego Rivera, the creator of this painting, was Mexican and was married to another famous artist, Frida Kahlo. A lot of Rivera’s later work was influenced by historical, political and social themes to show the life of Mexican people. Rivera made La Molendera in the year 1924, which was the time of The Immigration Act of 1924, (The Johnson- Reed Act). The Immigration Act limited the number of immigrants allowed into the United States. Rivera helped established the Mexican Mural Movement along with two other artists, which mainly existed to…...

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