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Women in Corporate America

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Monroe Sherman
Women and Gender in American Society
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There’s a proven history of gender affecting differences in pay as well as promotions in America. With no concrete reason, I find myself confused about why for so long this fact has remained to be true; why gender stereotypes affect the business world. This topic sparked my interest really because I’m a student at the McGowan School of Business where both genders are oozing with potential to do great things after college. Despite us graduating from the same school, it’s safe to say that a good portion of my woman counterparts will face gender inequality at some point in their careers. The sources I found were those that I believe will help dig into the reason for gender inequality in the workplace. The article that sparked my research was by Ariel Smilowitz titled, “For U.S. Women, Inequality Takes Many Forms”. She points out how gender stereotypes have not only affected wage gaps but also the percentage of those living in poverty. The article lets us as Americans know that although yes, there have been strides towards a gender equal America, there’s still a long way to go. In a sense, you could say the article removes the blindfolds of us believing that everything is okay, shedding light on how the business world has been unfair for decades. Our generation and maybe the one following still won’t live to see true gender equality.
Of my sources the most important one to me is Kerry Spalding’s, “Do Women Who Succeed in Male-dominated Domains Help Other Women? The Moderating Role of Gender Identification”. Within this article, readers are able to take a look at the ‘career system’ so that it’s a bit more transparent. The article talks about women and men in the workplace and how gender stereotypes have almost brainwashed how upward movement in corporations happens today. Women who are in…...

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