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requirements of the design brief.

For my year 12 electronics major assignment I was set the task to design and make a low voltage regulator, the constraints of the task was that it needed to fit into a commercial manufactured housing that is 120mm x 65mm x 40 mm, Soldering must be used , Soldering iron will be used, Must work reliably and must be to a High quality soldering standard. I felt I had completed all these task to a high standard and had meet all the requirements needed of that of the design brief.

I was set out to achieve a working low volatge regulator that would notify the vehicle driver if the battery is discharging and becoming flat. I felt that I have completed the requirements to a high standard. The evidence that I have to support my claims are that I had taken pictures regularly and also when testing the regulator the lights would turn on once the multimeter read 12 volts.

The final product didnt come easy as I had some trouble when making the low voltage regulator when I first tried to test my regulator to see if it worked none of the lights were going on, this led to do some fault finding task to see where the problem is and try to fix it. Once I had found the problem it was an easy fix and when I tired testing it again it worked perfectly. If I were to make this low voltage regulator differently I would take more time tinning the solder on the PCB board making it smooth and shinny and take more care bending the components legs for a better fit. I would also put the lights higher up so that they come through the top of the commercial manufacture housing lid. I would also chance the spot where I put the switches to a more appropriate spot because I had them to low on my project.

The skills used were soldering and making sure you werent putting to much solder on, and make it smooth. If i could make some recoomendations they would be having some more light in the soldering area making it easeier to see what we had to solder, also using smaller soldering iron tips would og helped as well.…...

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