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Woodword Type of Technology

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Joan Woodward's classification of manufacturing firms according to technical complexity ( extent of mechanization of the manufacturing process) into small batch, large batch & mass production, continuous process firms, and the associations she discovered between technical complexity and structural characteristics of the firms. Joan Woodward's discovery of the fundamental principle of the contingency approach.

Original and revised systems for classifying technologies

|Original system (Woodward 1958) |Revised system(Woodward 1965) |
|Unit and small batch production | |
|Production of simple units to customers orders |Production units to customers requirements |
|Production of technically complex un its |Production of prototype |
|Fabrication of large equipment in stages |Fabrication of large equipment in stages |
|Production of small batches |Production of small batches to customer |
|Large batch and mass production | |
|Assembly-line type production of large batches | |
|Mass production |Production of large batches |
|Process production |Production of large batches on assembly |
|Process production of chemicals in batches…...

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