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Employee Barbara Brian Christine Question # 1 Employee is happy and content with her position in the company. Her results show that she is happy -Score-87 Emplyee is not as happy with their job as you would like them to be. Employee has a lot of negative in his answers. Score-70 below the normal. Employee scored -59 -Which is not a high score and feel that she is not happy with her work place. This employee should be evaluated to see what is wrong with their positon.
Question #2 Emplyoee is is very well engaged and is will to help with the company-Score 36 Emplyoee is is very well engaged and is will to help with the company-Score 34 Emplyoee is is very well engaged and is will to help with the company, also could be some underlying issues that need to be addressed . -Score 32
Question # 3 According to her results she is between the normal range and is happy most of the time. She may have some personal issues that bring her score down at times. -Score 30 According to his results he seems to be in the normal range and is happy most of the time. He may have some personal issues that bring her score down at times. -Score 26 Not the best score and it could be because of the work place or that she has issues outside of work. Score- 25
Question #4 Score was at 34- Employee is not one to express to many emotions, and will stick to what needs to be done in the work place Score was 28- Employee is not one to express to many emotions all the time, but when they do it maybe a domino effect on the way they act at work. At the same time they are strong minded as well. Employee scored a 31 and seems to be one that is strong minded, yet can have some emotional issues at times. Still higher than the average.
Question #5 Score was at 38- Employee is able to meet the level and skills for running their own department. Employee has a high EI and shows…...

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