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Writing 39a Letter to a Producer Uc Irvine

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Writing 39a
The Heart’s Lasting Impression
Hi Mr. Segal, my name is , and I absolutely love your movies. Longest Yard and 50 First Dates, are two of my all time favorites. You did an excellent job of tying humor, and romanticism together in 50 first dates. There isn’t one thing I can pick out of that movie that I dislike, and I can watch that movie over and over again it is so great. To create a movie of the short story “Lady with the Dog” you must not make the movie with a consistency of hopelessness and bleak upsetting scenes, because of the inevitable. The movie must be uplifting and bring a peace, contentment, and fulfillment when watching the film. The lovers seeking enjoyment in this movie are expecting to see a love story between two married people entrapped by their lives in reality. Everybody seeks adventure, and hope to carry on with the life they have been given, by the choices they have made. So use the expectation of the story to carry out a strong emotional message of hope. The couples as well as single people in hope of romance, want to feel the peace, joy, and fulfillment to know that they will have a lasting and working relationship and find their one true love.
In the Anton Checkhov short story “Lady with the Dog” a young beautiful, naïve, and inexperienced woman named Anne visits the beautiful, small town of Yalta. It is a seaside town, full with life, and people that notice anybody new that comes there. Anne a young woman is visiting there with her dog. Gurov a more mature, handsome, charming, and promiscuous man, spots this lovely young woman, in attempts to woo her to be another one of his myopic relationships. He finds that she is married to a “flunky” guy, and she gets away to escape the walls of her less than exciting life. He was manipulated into getting married at a young age, and has lost any attraction he has for his wife. He…...

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