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Written Case Analysis
Case: Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America (A).
Harvard Business School Case

Jon Goebel

Question 1: Considering various behaviors exhibited by Taran Swan, what do you think are the two predominant personality traits that characterize her? Rely on the class discussions from Session 1. Highlight important examples from the case that led you to this conclusion.

In the case study about Nickelodeon in Latin America, Taran Swan exhibits glimpses of each of the five personality traits, but the two traits that most clearly epitomize her dynamic personality are “high extraversion”, and “high openness to experience”.

Taran Swan has a tendency toward “high extraversion” and demonstrates this in how comfortable she is networking throughout all levels and functional areas within Nickelodeon / MTV and parent company Viacom. She was dealt a challenging situation when initially asked to launch the network station in Latin America. Taran is given direction to solicit resources and support from MTV personnel, but these employees are not familiar with the Nickelodeon brand and hold obvious bias toward their own network (MTV). Despite this situation, one MTV employee still gives Taran very high praise for not only involving all departments of the organization, but also for offering the opportunity to contribute their own ideas. Taran’s tendency for extraversion also allows her to infuse a sense of camaraderie amongst the team by launching the Jornadas brand initiative. This is the beginning of a seamless staffing integration that could only be accomplished by an individual who exhibits “high extraversion.”

Taran is also extremely motivated by change and by experiencing new challenges. She showed a great deal of confidence navigating the early stages of the Latin American integration. She trusted…...

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