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World Wildlife Fund The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an organization that focuses on protecting wildlife and natural habitats. With a focus on the conservation of nature, the WWF reaches many countries and targets the protection of endangered and poached wildlife species. Their tactics are simple, yet very effective towards provoking human emotion to solidify with the cause. The catalyst for its foundation was a series of articles in the Observer by Sir Julian Huxley - a biologist and grandson of Thomas Huxley, the Victorian champion of evolution nicknamed "Darwin's bulldog" - warning of the spoliation of wildlife habitats in Africa. He was joined by a small group of conservationists including Godfrey Rockefeller, of the US oil dynasty, and Peter Scott, son of Scott of the Antarctic, and the World Wildlife Fund quickly gathered an aristocratic backing. Its first president was the Dutch prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld (About Us, 2013). Founded in 1961, the World Wildlife Fund has established national organizations in more than 24 countries across five continents (Huxley, 2005, p.188). It is positioned to act quickly when conservation emergencies arise, such as the need to save a highly endangered species or habitat, or to acquire valuable land for a park or protected area. The three goals the WWF focuses on are: protecting endangered spaces, saving endangered species, and addressing global threats. The WWF has been a conservation leader for over 40 years, helping save the rhino, tiger, and giant panda, and helping establish and manage parks and reserves worldwide Gittleman, 2013). Specifically, to help save endangered animals, the WWF saves the animals through varieties of programs, including education, habitat conservation and increasing the capacity of local governments and people within the endangered animals’ home. As for conserving and…...

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