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Abrham A. Tsegaw
Course: ENG 115
Instructor: Professor AUDREY L VAUGHAN
October 14, 2013

My goal for this course is to gain means to improve my writing skills on my daily life this can apply for both my personal and professional life . I am planning to exercise my writings on my academic career, my professional environment and my personal life. I expect to use writing in my university career in many different ways, for example to write journals, assignments, research papers and all required academic writing throughout my university life. I expect to use writing in my professional career by writing business journals, reports, customer service e-mails and all necessary writings related to my job and I also expect to use writing in my personal life by writing personal letters, personal memo and personal emails.

I set goals for my academic paper by following the essential steps required to have a complete writing. I start by generating ideas about my topic and see how far can I go with my current idea and modify it to fit into my writing method, then I relate my ideas to a specific assignment and I conduct research on my idea and make sure that i stick with the idea and organize my idea to make sure that I can still keep it or if it needs to be changed, then I make the initial draft and write it on a paragraph form and finally I revise my draft and write the final format.

My biggest challenges when writing for others is to know their interest and write in a flow that will keep the reader interested and involved so that they finish reading what i wrote with full interest and excitement and understand the full extent of the message that i wanted to pass on by making sure what i wrote is coherent and…...

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