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Your Home Is a Good Place Case Study

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Your Home is a Good Place, Inc.

1. Does YHGP have a viable market? Are there enough customers as envisioned by Norwalk to support his vision? Examine the tabulated US Census data and prepare supporting documentation for your answer. * Uniqueness of industry may help Norwalk gain success. * There are 33,353/319,290 households that have an income of 100k or more. Norwalk wants to obtain five customers a month that clear 100k a year to pay 10k or more on projects; that only requires 60 households for Norwalk’s idea of success. 2. Are there customer groups that Norwalk is omitting from his target group? If so, why should Norwalk consider expanding his market base? * Anyone under yearly income of 100k, age, demographics. * Create more business and marketing to himself and contractors involved 3. Norwalk has chosen to approach female customers as the decision makers. Is this limiting his abilities to expand his business? * Discussion

SITUATION (OVERVIEW): Bill Norwalk is an entrepreneur in his 50’s that has a background in marketing and wants to launch a new industry that satisfies homeowner customer needs.

BACKGROUND (OVERVIEW OF CASE): Norwalk’s construction experience taught him that traditional home improvement was an iffy proposition for both contactors and home owners. YHGP was attended by homeowners, contractors, and other service providers in the “one stop” environment that emphasized convenience as a marketing strategy. Norwalk knew he could bring together: 1. The designers and architects 2. The contractors and the labor supply 3. The financiers, insurers, and other project resources
Norwalk acted as an intermediary between the supply side and the demand side so that all parties had the entire mess simplified.

HOW YHGP DIFFERS: * One-stop shop * In concept- different from the DIY approach of…...

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