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Many immigrants from all over the world move to the United States inspired by the American Dream. They are looking for the American Dream of freedom, and opportunity.
Zeitoun, by Dave Eggers, is a book that illustrates one man’s faith when faced with a disaster. This book tells the story about Syrian- American, Abdulrahman Zeitoun, who lived with his family in New Orleans when the city was hit by hurricane Katrina that literally destroyed the city and changed it forever.
Zeitoun is a religious Muslim who strongly believes in a God. He came from Syria, a country with a reputation of stubborn people. He believes that everything happens for a reason, and feels a duty to serve his God and live out of his purpose. All his actions in the book are a result of his religion because for him Muslim is more than just rituals; it is a way to live life.
There are many aspects of humanity that come out in this novel. For me, I see the beauty and the pain of life painfully apparent here. I cannot determine what I think of Zeitoun because of the multiple personalities I see here. I believe deep down, he is a good but also a very broken man. He obviously means very much to his family, both his wife and children and also his family back in Syria. He stayed back in chaos and tried to save a lost town. If that does not speak for his character, I do not know what does. Then again, after the pages closed, he did the unimaginable and tried to murder his wife and then tried to get someone else to do it when he could not finish his task. He could have been that person before as well but the book does not talk about that. It is corrupt and could possibly paint a completely false picture. On the other hand, maybe that is a symptom of PTSD because it is obvious that he did not get mental help for the entire trauma he went through. This could have ended a different way but it might…...

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