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Zener Diode Worksheet

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1. A diode designed to operate in the avalanche region of its characteristic curve is known as a

Zener Diode

2. Zener diodes are designed to conduct current in the _________ direction?

Reverse Bias

3. Current flow in a diode is _______________ the arrow.


4. What determines the operating voltage of a zener diode?

The Doping Level

5. The purpose of the voltage regulator in a power supply is to keep the DC output ____________________if the AC input or the output load conditions change.


6. How should additional Zener diodes be connected when the regulated output exceeds the rating of one Zener diode?

In series with each other

7. The shunt regulator is another name for

Zener diode voltage regulator/ voltage divider

Using the following circuit diagram to answer questions 8 – 11.

8. The Zener diode in the shunt regulator must be placed in ________ with R1 and in ______ with the load resistance.

Series, Parallel

9. If the input voltage from the filter were to increase, the voltage drop across R1 would _____________.


10. If for any reason, the input voltage increases, (even a small amount), the current thru the Zener will _______________.


11. What will happen to the voltage drop across CR1 if the output load (current) increases?

Decrease 12. Increasing the doping level in a Zener diode will ______________ its operating voltage.


13. How can the voltage regulation in a shunt regulator be increased?

By adding shunt capacitors in parallel

14. If the biasing on a Zener diode increases, its resistance will __________________.

Decrease 15. Draw the electrical symbol for a Zener diode

16. Draw a block diagram of a simple power supply.

17. Draw and label a zener diode characteristic curve.…...

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