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Getting Started

The purpose of this guide is to get Deep Freeze installed and running on your machine without any issues. It provides a reference for many common questions that arise when installing and using this software. Deep Freeze Resources User guides, video tutorials, white papers, and other documentation on Deep Freeze Standard are available in the Faronics Content Library at

What is Deep Freeze?
Deep Freeze is a software program that prevents any permanent changes being made to a machine. Deep Freeze has two states: Frozen and Thawed. When Deep Freeze is in a Frozen state, any changes made to the machine are forgotten when the machine is restarted. When Deep Freeze is in a Thawed state, any changes made to the machine are retained when the machine is restarted. When making changes to a machine, such as installing software or performing updates, the computer needs to be put into a Thawed state. A reboot is required every time the state of the computer is changed. Requirements Deep Freeze requires Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista and 10% free hard drive space. The hardware requirements are the same as the recommended hardware requirements for the host operating system.

Installing Deep Freeze Standard
When installing Deep Freeze, close and disable all background utilities and antivirus software. Complete the following steps to install Deep Freeze Standard: 1. 2. Double-click the DeepFreezeSTDEval.exe file to begin the installation process. The Deep Freeze Standard Installation Dialog appears. Click Install to begin the installation. Follow the steps presented. Read and accept the license agreement. At the end of the installation, the machine reboots. After the reboot Deep Freeze is installed. After the reboot, a Password Initialization screen appears. This screen allows you to enter a password for Deep Freeze. This screen only appears for 10 seconds. If you do not enter a password before the screen disappears, you can set the password later.


After the workstation restarts, the only indication that Deep Freeze is installed is a new icon that appears in your System Tray next to the clock. Accessing this icon is explained in the “Using Deep Freeze” section. The evaluation version of Deep Freeze Standard expires 30 days after installation. Deep Freeze will be present and installed, but deactivated. To deploy Deep Freeze to workstations using the Silent Install System, or as part of an imaging process, please refer to the user guide.

Getting Started
Uninstalling Deep Freeze Standard The option to Uninstall Deep Freeze is only available if Deep Freeze has previously been installed on the workstation. The workstation must be in a Thawed state to perform an uninstall. To uninstall Deep Freeze, complete the following steps: 1. 2. Double-click the DeepFreezeSTDEval.exe file. Select Uninstall. icon appears in the System Tray after installation, the workstation is protected icon appears in the System Tray, the workstation is not protected by Deep

Using Deep Freeze
When the Frozen by Deep Freeze. When the Thawed Freeze.

To test the power and robustness of Deep Freeze, try deleting or modifying some toolbars, changing the desktop, or modifying the registry settings. All changes made will be reset on reboot. Accessing the Deep Freeze Control Dialog 1. To gain access to the Deep Freeze control dialog, use either of the following two methods to log on: • Press SHIFT and double-click the Deep Freeze icon in the System Tray • Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F6 2. The Deep Freeze password dialog appears. Enter your Deep Freeze password. 3. If you have not set up a password yet, leave the password field blank and click OK. The Deep Freeze control dialog appear with the following three tabs: • Boot Control - used to set the state of Deep Freeze • Password - used to set a new password or change a previous one • Clone - used to prepare a master image for use with an imaging solution Refer to the User Guide for more information on these tabs. The Deep Freeze Standard User Guide is available at: Organizations considering larger deployments of Deep Freeze may want to evaluate Deep Freeze Enterprise, for its administrative and management features. To see a comparison chart between Deep Freeze Standard and Enterprise, visit: Free technical support is available to you during your evaluation period. Contact our Technical Support department at 800-943-6422 or through For further product, pricing, and ordering information, please contact the Customer Service Department at (800) 943-6422 or by email at Deep Freeze Security Notice: Deep Freeze does not protect against booting from a floppy drive or CD-ROM drive.
The CMOS should be configured to prevent booting from the floppy drive or CD-ROM drive (i.e. set to boot to the hard drive) and the CMOS must be password protected. This is a normal precaution for most public access computers. The Windows Registry, the computer CMOS and the boot sector are protected by Deep Freeze from within Windows.…...

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