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Valerie Vasquez
Professor Thompson
January 28, 2015
Reading Response: Spriggs 1. In the essay “On Buying Local” Katherine Spriggs makes it clear that this topic matters to her. She did convince me to start thinking about buying locally, not only did she mention on pg. 96 that it is a healthier and environmental choice, but it also helps small farmers around the valley to grow. 2. A counter argument that Spriggs put in this essay was that the Professor in Wyoming that she mentions in paragraph 10 pg. 98 that if people were to buy locally that would be bad towards people because food can be produced cheaper somewhere else. She fought back with the statement that although it would be more expensive than buying “industrially grown” products that it is also better for the environment to buy locally. 3. In paragraph 8 pg. 96 I like the fact that Spriggs stated that buying locally is eco-friendly and that it would reduce the high cost of fuel and energy used to transport food across the world. That is definitely effective because that will make readers see that she did some research and she knows that it would help in the long run. 4. Sprigg’ photos contributes to the essay because in each paragraph she talks about something different having to do with buying locally. She includes some local farmers’ products and some pictures to show readers a visual perspective in what she is saying and to back up her information.…...

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